Video Distribution - Broadcast

Video Distribution - Live and File based Broadcast Workflow - click to view enlarged PDF

Sending live and file-based news reports to the studio requires a reliable and efficient end-to-end video transport solution. With our innovative ACT-L3 compression technology, Streambox products and solutions create an ideal answer to any broadcasting workflow.

Our Live Newsgathering Solution includes mobile devices and software encoders that can be deployed in minutes for a fraction of the cost of a satellite or a microwave truck.

In order to manage and monitor video file uploads Streambox provides File-Based Solutions that include Streambox Store and Forward Server and the Streambox Media Station. These tools allow organizing, editing, and routing video files for easy access and playout.

Live Newsgathering

Getting live news reports to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. News happens anywhere at anytime so flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use is critical in live newsgathering applications.

Streambox innovative ACT-L3 compression technology allows remote field reporters to set up quickly and transmit higher quality video and audio over a variety of low bandwidth connections as events unfold.

Video Distribution - live news gathering

The Streambox Live Newsgathering package comprises of several software encoders with video management and playout systems. This package can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of a satellite or a microwave truck. Our award-winning solutions for live and file-based newsgathering provide unrivaled video quality and reliability for all broadcast and broadband applications at a low total cost of ownership.

Sports and Events

Streambox reduces the cost of covering events by removing the satellite or microwave link, ultimately providing a less expensive and more mobile solution. With the option of adding color commentary in true HD, reporters and stringers can obtain the action from locker-room to finish-line. Plus, with the cost-efficient technology, it is easy to add multiple cameras with low-cost IP back-haul.

Additionally, Streambox point-to-point coverage allows users to distribute live feeds between broadcast centers at low cost, linking stadiums and facilities with real-time video. Sports broadcasters are able to simulcast events between multiple locations to expand audience and revenue streams, and even send road-trip coverage of the team back to the home stadium.

File-Based Acquisition

Video Distribution - File base acquisition

Control room operators need a better way to manage and monitor the status of video file uploads. Streambox offers two products that make up a management layer of platform solutions. These are the Streambox Enterprise Server and the Streambox Media Station.

These two integrated products enhance the management and search capabilities for hundreds of multi-format video clips uploaded by field reporters, stringers, and citizen reporters. Within the solution, each video clip is tagged with metadata information such as reporter name, file name, and location which helps identify the source and subject of the video. A thumbnail clip preview is visible of all of the video uploads with the option to receive notifications via email about active connections and upload status, these features enable control room operators to better organize and manage the status of all video file uploads.

Video Transport

Video Distribution - video transport

When searching for video transport and acquisition solutions, performance and reliability are important factors. With so many network connections available, it can often be difficult to find a flexible solution that will adapt to your needs while providing high quality at a low cost.

Streambox offers a solution with the ability to stream live or file-based video in HD/SD over the network connection of your choice including; T1/E1, DSL, the public Internet, or other IP-based wired and wireless networks. Other features Streambox offers are advanced networking options and Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol (LDMP) that enable users to stream high quality video with low latency over network connections.