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Streambox Live is a many-to-many mobile video contribution and distribution service that allows users to capture, send and receive video from anywhere. The new Streambox Live Service will include the option to deliver live video to the web and mobile devices. Streambox Live also includes video sharing for enterprise, a new feature that will let users send live or file-based video email links from mobile devices. Making this service more reliable than competitors is Streambox exclusive Low Delay Multi-Path Technology (LDMP). This reliable protocol helps users deliver low latency video from the Streambox Live Service over multiple public IP networks. Free StreamboxME Pro software encoders are compatible with the new Streambox Live Service.

How it works

Why Use Streambox Live?

Video Distribution - Streambox Live

Capture and Contribute

Free encoding software can be installed on iPhone/Android and laptops. Video can be sent to the closest Streambox Live Datacenter or users can share live video via email video link from their mobile device.

Manage and Route

Video sent to a Streambox Live server is automatically archived and can be routed live to one or many destinations; including hardware decoders, software media players, or stream to the web via any CDN network.

Broadcast and Stream

Streambox Software Decoders can be downloaded on laptops, desktops or mobile devices allowing playout of live video from colleagues who are capturing video content from the field.