Audio Visual, Fibre Optics, Communications Cabling, MATV Video distribution and streaming for delivery of real time and on demand video anytime, anywhere

Video Distribution Technology

  • Real-time video distribution
  • On-demand video streaming
  • Video networking
  • IP video distribution
  • Mobile broadcast streaming
  • HD Video
  • Universal delivery
  • Remote asset delivery
  • Control and source interfaces
  • Audio distribution encoders
  • Video distribution encoders
  • Video distribution decoders
  • Video distribution amplifiers
  • Media distribution

Video Distribution Applications

  • News and Event Broadcasting
  • Interactive broadcasting
  • Medical and Surgical
  • Education
  • IPTV
  • eTraining
  • Government & Military
  • Enterprise
  • Video conferencing
  • Network
  • House of Worship
  • Corporate Communications

Video Networking, IP Video Distribution, Mobile Broadcast Streaming Video

Streambox - Mobile Broadcast Video Streaming

Streambox provides complete solutions for any video broadcasting and streaming needs. Streambox products and services enable users to best enhance their video acquisition, video management, and video playout to streamline their workflow.

Streambox solutions are based on the industry-leading ACT-L3 codec (Advanced Coding Technology, Level 3), which provides unrivaled performance, reliability, and quality over low data rate IP networks for fast transmission and playout of video streams in HD and SD. ACT-L3 codec allows for more efficient video compression by sending high quality video at a lower bandwidth than the standard based codec.


Video Distribution for Broadcasting

Point-to-point news gathering and event coverage allows users to distribute live feeds between broadcast centres at low cost, linking facilities with real-time video. Mobile devices and software encoders that can be deployed in minutes.

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Government / Military

Video Distribution - Government and Military

High quality IP-centric video solutions which enable government and military to enhance their end-to-end intelligence gathering and information sharing capabilities for both live and file-based video transport and acquisition applications.

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Video Distribution for Education

Incorporate video into classrooms with solutions that send live and file-based broadcast quality video from lecture halls, campus events and university television stations over low bandwidth IP connections.

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Video Distribution for medical and surgical applications

Securely connect your surgical and interventional rooms to an unlimited number of locations and clinicians for real-time collaboration and teaching events via Haivision's HIPAA streaming.

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Haivision - Video Networking, Digital Signage, and IP Video Distribution Solutions

Haivision is a global leader in delivering advanced video networking, digital signage, and IP video distribution solutions. Haivision offers complete end-to-end technology for video, graphics, and metadata and makes this technology available as solutions through integrators and resellers worldwide. Haivision has specific expertise in the following markets:

Sports and Entertainment

Delivering HD Video in Stadiums and Auditoriums.

  • Stadiums
  • Interactive Broadcast
  • Broadcast Monitoring
  • Lowest Latency High Definition
  • Multi-Stream / Bi-Directional Systems
  • Protected Multicast Video Distribution
  • Multi-Channel Monitoring
  • User/Group Access Privileges
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HD Streaming for Interactive and Facility Applications.

  • IPTV / Telepresence
  • eTraining
  • Deliver Live HD Streaming to all Desktops, Flat Panel Displays, Mobile Devices
  • Establish Playout Channels and VoD Services
  • Record Intelligently with HotMarks
  • Connect Facilities with Multi-Stream High Performance Communications
Haivision - Video Distribution - Enterprise brochure

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Delivering Live and On-Demand Content

  • Campus IPTV / Connected Learning
  • Class Recording and Reserve VoD
  • Works on all platforms, all OS
  • Delivery media to the desktops and STBs
  • Perfect for live, playback, and VoD
  • Record programming and classrooms
  • Integrate with LDAP/Blackboard easily
  • Full administrative control
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Government & Military

Performance IP Video Systems with Metadata.

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
  • IPTV - Bases, Campuses, International Facilities
  • Mission Video - Ranges, C2, Tactical Systems
  • Lowest Latency H.264 encoding
  • MISP Compliant CoT/KLV Metadata & CC
  • Secure IP Video with AES & FEC
  • Active Directory & LDAP Integration
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Securing IP Video Throughout Hospitals.

  • Surgical & Intervention IP Video Applicatons
  • HIPAA & Security, HIPAA Compliant Streaming
  • Standards Based H.264 HD & SD
  • Interoperable - Medical Device Integration
  • Scalable - Seamless Upgrade Path
  • Security Conditional Access, Encryption, Reporting Tools
  • Full HD Resolution - 1080p60 @ 70 ms
  • IT Friendly Zero-Install client - InStream™
  • Performance Recording & Publishing with HotMarks™
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House of Worship

High Quality IP Video Between Congregations and Online Viewers

  • Connect venues with high performance live HD video streams
  • Stream live content to connect multiple facilities
  • Multi-Stream HD Design
  • Lowest Latency for Fluid Interaction
  • HD to 1080p60
  • Performance Networks or Public Internet
  • Power-On Connectivity
  • H.264 to Reach all Audiences
  • One encoder, many audiences
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Silvus Technologies

Silvus' revolutionary Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform has been specifically designed to address the growing demand for distributing video and other high bandwidth data in harsh tactical environments. StreamCaster radios, featuring MN-MIMO at the core, join together to form a self-healing, self-forming fluid mesh network. From underground tunnels to Unmanned Surface Vehicles, to Airborne ISR, and everywhere in-between, StreamCaster provides high bandwidth, reliable wireless video and data communications where traditional radios fail. Silvus Technologies, bringing you the world's first wireless MIMO radio optimized for demanding tactical applications.     Learn more...