Digital Signage

Integrated Digital Signage and IP Video

Integrated Digital Signage & IP Video

Integrated Signage and Full Motion IP Video

Incorporate live video content and deliver broadcast content as IP multicast throughout a facility. Secure content and controlled viewing. Display secure broadcasts or internet streams within any region or full screen. Transmit your signage content as IP video viewable on any device.

Integrated Dynamic Data

With powerful dynamic data capabilities you can assign virtually any source data to specific players for rendering at the player level. By centrally ingesting the data, it can be monitored, secured, and given a controlled lifespan within your dynamic templates. Automatically distribute throughout your network without the need to configure each individual player (and the network) to access remote feeds.

Network Scalability

Accommodate any available network connectivity and scale within your facility or across endpoints globally. Extend across any network with scheduled content distribution, load balancing, granular health management, and alerts.