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SecureMat™ security system

The SecureMat™ is an innovative security system to guard the perimeters of industrial properties. When an intruder steps on the mat an alarm is triggered and a warning sent by SMS to the owner's phone so that the police can be immediately alerted. The system is also designed to dramatically reduce false alarms, saving the owners and police time and resources.

The SecureMat™ is a new and innovative approach to protecting the perimeter of restricted premises and expensive equipment that needs to be stored onsite. The concept involves placing a mat on the ground inside a perimeter fence that can detect any intruder standing, walking or running across the protected area. The system incorporates fibre-optic technology with sophisticated signal analysis to provide excellent rates of detection and negligible false alarms.

SecureMat™ security system

SecureMat™ systems are easy to deploy and feature an onsite control setup, a GSM modem to send SMS intruder alerts to multiple mobile phones, key locking, deterrent alarms comprising a siren and blue flashing light if required, and CCTV options.

There are three versions of the SecureMat™ system:

The system can be scaled up to protect perimeters as long as 500 metres and scaled down to protect a single door, gate or other entrance.

Chequer Plate SecureMat™

The Chequer Plate SecureMat™ comprises 3mm PVC chequer plate matting laid over the Sensor Mesh with an underlay of thin PVC liner. This SecureMat™ can be used indoors or outdoors and is suitable for use in and around factories, retail premises, commercial buildings, etc. Its most immediate application is adjacent to doorways however it can essentially be used In any walking area. Manufactured from extremely strong and hard wearing non-toxic food grade PVC, the Chequer Place SecureMat™ has a slip resistant surface and offers insulation from cold or damp floors and is fully waterproof. Lengths from 1m wide and up to 5m long.

Sensor Mesh SecureMat™ - internal applications

The Sensor Mesh SecureMat™ can be used without the overlay and underlay provided with the PVC Chequer Plate and PVC liner matting. The Sensor Mesh can be placed directly underneath various coverings including carpet, carpet tiles, floor tiles and safety mats. PSI’s extensive testing has shown that the Sensor Mesh SecureMat™ works effectively under most surface
coverings, however it is recommended that testing is undertaken
in each circumstance prior to final installation.
Care must also be taken to avoid excessive movement and slippage between the covering, the mesh and the floor surface.

PVC lined SecureMat™

The PVC lined SecureMat™ is lighter than the Chequer Plate and is therefore more suitable for situations such as construction sites where the SecureMat™ may need to be moved occasionally and longer mat lengths are required. The PVC liner is strong and durable but care should be taken to avoid rips and tears. The standard size PVC lined SecureMat® measures 1 metre in width by 1.5 metres in length and longer length mats are available up to a maximum of 20 metres.

Sensor SecureMat™ - outdoor applications

The Sensor Mesh SecureMat™ for outdoor applications is a versatile product suitable for various applications including rooftops, industrial premises, inside fencelines, around scientific equipment, and many other situations requiring intruder detection security. The Sensor Mesh SecureMat can be installed above ground where it is a visible deterrent, or it can be disguised by a covering of mulch, leaf litter, artificial grass or other suitable covering.