Video Distribution - Medical

Haivision - Video Distribution - Medical brochure

Securely connect your surgical and interventional rooms to an unlimited number of locations and clinicians for real-time collaboration and teaching events via Haivision's HIPAA streaming.

Secure Streaming

Haivision enhances the "Surgical Collaboration and Teaching" experience by securely streaming an unlimited amount of Health Informatics to any location:

  • HD Endoscopic / Microscopic /
    Robotic / Face Cameras
  • HD Diagnostic Imaging
  • HD Surgical View
  • HD Hemodynamic Images
  • HD 3D Images
  • HD 3D Image Guidance
  • HD Robotic Images
  • HIS Data
  • HD Computer Images

Hospital Applications

  • Live HD Video Collaboration between Surgeons
  • Live HD Video Collaboration between Interventional Cardiologists
  • Real-Time Clinical Collaboration with Pathology and Radiology
  • Real-Time Clinical Training for Nurses and Residents
  • Live Multi-Room Status Monitoring in HD from Anywhere

Live and Interventional Surgery Video Collaborations and Teaching

Live surgeries can now be viewed securely outside the reach of baseband video for clinical review and collaboration sessions, as well as resident training events.

Network Video Recording - Surgical Informatics

Video on Demand Haivisionís VF NVR service of the Furnace systems is ideal for clinical training, preparation for surgery, clinical presentations, clinical research, surgical simulation and skills lab assessment and evaluation.