Security Solutions - Surveillance

Thermal Camera Surveillance

Thermal imaging cameras are able to detect infrared energy emmitted by objects. This means a thermal imaging camera works equally well in total darkness or in daylight.

In the past thermal imaging systems have been cost prohibitive and traditionally focussed on military applications. Recent significant technology breakthroughs in detectors and support electronics have resulted in major cost reductions making infrared imaging systems more affordable to commercial and other applications. There are now a vast variety of markets for thermal imaging equipment.


  • night vision
  • see through haze and smoke
  • measure temperatures of objects with high accuracy
  • military applications - target acquisition, missile and weapon guidance, navigation, reconnaissance, surveillance, terrain analysis
  • commercial applications - industrial plant maintenance, quality control and non-destructive testing
  • environmental and scientific applications - pollution control, energy conservation, resource development, earth sciences, solar sciences
  • medical applications - mammography, arterial constriction detection, soft tissue injury evaluation
  • civil applications - law enforcement, surveillance, border patrol, fire fighting, etc

Thermal Imaging Cameras:

MRB Communications offers a range of thermal imaging cameras, including:

  • small hand held surveillance cameras
  • standalone thermal imaging cameras
  • integrated dual thermal image camera
  • PTZ devices
  • gimble mounted airborne thermal imaging cameras
Thermal imaging cameras

UAV Defence Drone Camera Surveillance

UAV Drone Camera Surveillance

Unmaned air vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are pilot-less aircraft controlled by computers or remote control. Traditionally deployed for military applications, UAVs are now being used for a variety of remote sensing functions such as firefighting, environmental and infrastructure monitoring as well as security and protection applications.


  • Law enforcement, border security, event security
  • Emergency and Disaster management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Military applications
  • Remote aerial mapping
  • Infrastructure monitoring


  • Surveillance Mission Systems
  • UAV downlink
  • Aircraft / helicopter downlinks
  • Encoders / decoders
  • EVS
  • Camera systems - Gimbal, fixed optical and thermal
  • SATCOMS and MIMO radios

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Backhaul

Security Surveillance

Haivision’s Piranha™ encoder for satellite back-haul of ISR video from deployed locations.

Proven to have the lowest latency, highest quality, and advanced CoT/KLV integration, the Piranha can be deployed throughout multiple points in a network employed to distribute FMV video from UAVs, manned surveillance missions, and gunships.

The Makito Air is a DO-160 airborne ruggedised variant of Haivision's standard COTS Makito encoder. Compact, high performance, and lightweight, the Makito Air leverages both the rapid COTS developments of the Makito (as delivered through field firmware upgrades) and the proven KLV/CoT integration of the Piranha within a ruggedized package with MIL-STD connectors. Makito’s unique Hi/Lo streaming features allows the Makito Air to perform the same job as two encoders – providing critical gains in size/weight/power for airborne applications.


  • Mission critial performance
  • Proven security
  • Common Criteria Certified
  • Video Networks
  • C2 Convergence
  • Test Range and Training Range Video
  • End-to-End Security
  • Situational awareness


  • Extends the ability to provide voice and data services to difficult or cost-prohibitive areas
  • Satellite technology for mobile network transport and emergency communications
  • Field Proven Technology
  • Lowest Latency H.264 Encoding
  • MISB – Compliant CoT/KLV Metatdata & CC
  • Full HD/SD Analog/Digital Compliance