Video Distribution - Education

Video Distribution - Education - Video on Demand

Streambox is revolutionizing the way universities incorporate video into their classrooms with solutions that send live and file-based broadcast quality video from lecture halls, campus events and university television stations over low bandwidth IP connections all for a low cost.

Armed with a laptop running the Streambox Software Encoder, students will be able to capture and encode live video from the field and send it over low-bandwidth IP connections. Streambox products can easily overcome the challenges of distance learning. By using our innovative ACT-L3 technology classrooms all over the world can have reliable live video interaction. Our cost effective encoding and decoding products makes the opportunities for distance learning with Streambox affordable and accessible to anyone.

Video Distribution - Point to Point over Internet

Point to Point over Internet

The Streambox point-to-point solution offers the ability to stream live or file-based video in HD/SD over the network connection of your choice including: T1/E1, DSL, the public Internet, or other IP-based wired and wireless networks.

The Streambox Platform is powered by new Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) networking technology, which is a reliable protocol that helps users deliver low latency video over multiple IP networks.

This technology addresses how to send video reliably over public Internet connections at low data rates without using bandwidth-consuming Forward Error Correction (FEC).

LDMP is a reliable two-way networking protocol that integrates with the Streambox Encoder for optimum video transmission and automatically ensures delivery by bonding all available IP networks to maximize bandwidth while maintaining low latency.

Video Distribution - Point to Multi Point over Internet

Point to Multi-point over Internet

The Streambox Point-To-Multi-Point solution allows users to stream video from one main site to multiple recipient sites at the same time.

With the Streambox Enterprise Server users can automatically route video over any low bandwidth IP connection to decoders or media players at remote sites in the same city or around the world.

As an added benefit, the Enterprise Server archives all the video it streams for later playback over the network.

Interactive Video over Internet

Video Distribution - Interactive Video over Internet

Engage in an interactive two-way HD/SD service between two remote congregations with the Streambox full duplex bi-directional HD/SD system in each location.

With the Streambox full duplex bi-directional HD/SD system, the SBT3-9400, users can engage in an interactive two-way HD/SD service between two sites. The Streambox 9400 is an HD/SD encoder/decoder rackmount product that provides the simultaneous HD/SD video transmission and reception that is required for real-time video interaction.

The systemís full-duplex functionality enables each unit to operate as an encoder and a decoder simultaneously. By integrating live video over IP, the Streambox solution enables users to conduct high quality live video conferencing over any available IP network.

Remote Video Acquisition

Video Distribution - Remote Video Acquisition

Getting live video from remote locations can be a logistical and technical challenge. Video needs to be captured anywhere at anytime so flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use is critical in remote live newsgathering applications. Streambox innovative ACT-L3 compression technology allows remote field reporters to set up quickly and transmit higher quality video and audio over a variety of low bandwidth connections as events unfold.

The Streambox Live Newsgathering package comprises of several software encoders with video management and playout systems. This package can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of a satellite or a microwave truck. Our award-winning solutions for live and file-based newsgathering provide unrivaled video quality and reliability for all broadcast and broadband applications at a low total cost of ownership allowing users to Bring HD/SD video in from remote locations with the highly portable Streambox Avenir or a Software Encoder on laptops and iPhones.

Video on Demand

Delayed play-out is required for audiences who meet hours or days following a live event, such as a church services and educational seminars or audiences in different time zones. Streambox offers Video on Demand for delayed video play-out over the network via Streambox Live Service or from Streambox Enterprise server.

Stream video over the network from any Streambox encoder to the Live Service or Enterprise Server and archive for later play-out from remote locations using HD/SD decoder or media player. Internet access and proper bandwidth required at remote locations.